We are proud of the service and support we provide our customers and how we have helped them in their businesses and organizations. From time to time we will showcase what they are saying about us.

Dottie Kerr, Assistant Office Manager

"In a very short time, Tom has addressed and solved many problems we were experiencing for some time. It is refreshing to work with an IT service tech who takes the time to be sure our needs are truly met. Tom has done a great job to help us, less than tech-savvy individuals, understand the technology. Any issue that is still outstanding is being addressed and in the works. Tom also is doing a great job of following up site visits with an email to recap what was done and what still needs to be completed. Thanks very much for the change."

Center for Colon & Rectal Health, Inc - Langhorne, PA
(215) 741-4910

Valerie Jannetti, Studio Director

"Thank you for reaching out. We are very happy with the service Dave and the rest of your team have provided us. I feel like we have found the perfect IT team to support our growing business."

Fresh Hair Studio -
215-322-7000 x102
[email protected]

Craig Hackett, Artist

"Your TeamLogic IT technician, Tom, did a wonderful job getting our problem solved in a most timely manner and greatly exceeded our expectations. Thank you for your interest in following up via TeamLogic IT’s Quality Assurance program."

Newtown, PA - 267-808-6430

Ridge Goodwin, President

"Everything IT is now working fine and I am extremely pleased that Dave cleaned up the nightmare of wires that we previously had to deal with. Thank you very much for your excellent workmanship!"

Ridge Goodwin & Associates - New Hope, PA
(215) 794-3216

Stephanie Lewis, Municipal Capital Management

"Thank you, very much indeed, for sorting out my various technology worries. I have never met an IT person (James) who was so patient, so careful, and so well-informed. Best to you."

Municipal Capital Management, LLC - Princeton NJ
609 532 3896
[email protected]

Richard Haldeman, CPA

"I was very pleased with the immediate response to my call and the expertise provided regarding my IT concerns. I now have a secure wireless work setting with enabled remote access. A backup system was also set up to ensure that client data is being backed up properly to an external drive. IT infrastructure was simplified through virtualization. I plan on meeting with TeamLogic IT for additional technology solutions because of their professionalism, IT knowledge and experience."

- Pennington, NJ

Chad W. Moore, PE, CP EnMS

"TeamLogic IT has a Quality Assurance program that is unusual in the IT industry, wherein they follow up on all IT service calls to make sure that the experience has been satisfactory. In asking specifically about whether the technicians were responsive in a timely manner, whether I was kept informed about the work being done, and ultimately if anything could have been done differently or better --- TeamLogic IT shows that they really care about providing excellent service. Nancy Paul said that TeamLogic IT always looks to be the best it can be and doing ongoing Quality Assurance underscores the company’s commitment to its mission"

Square K Energy Solutions - Newtown, PA

Cheryl Liberati, Operation Manager

"With almost a century of experience in optics, we do not like any down time and either to our customers. Network connectivity is critical to our work. I can’t thank you enough for getting our office back online. Your work here was nothing short of perfect and I look forward to working with you on our next IT project."

Keeler Instruments, Inc. - Broomall, PA 19008