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Proactive business management

You work in a digital world, so when your systems are down, so are you

You work in a digital world, so when your systems are down, so are you. Lost productivity. Lost customers. Lost revenue. You can minimize this cause and effect outcome with one simple solution – a Business Continuity Plan. If you don’t have one, call us. TeamLogic IT will work with you to develop and implement a business-specific continuity plan to protect the backbone of your company – your data.

The Three “P"s

People, Policy and Procedures are the three buckets that drive business success

They can also be its downfall. A Business Continuity Plan formalizes your company’s IT policies, procedures and precautions to minimize downtime should the worst happen. It’s basically risk management in action on a daily basis. You are managing potential risks that could impair or jeopardize your business IT. What are those risks? They can be anything from viruses or equipment failure to fire, hurricane or other natural disaster. More often than not, it falls into the camp of human error. TeamLogic IT assesses your business infrastructure, operations and environment to develop and deploy a Business Continuity Plan tailored to your company.

The risk of doing nothing

“System failures happen only to big companies with complex networks” — NOT true

Your IT system doesn’t know if it’s a Fortune 500 corporation or a small start-up. All it knows is that it sees a lot of traffic going back and forth over the Internet, email, intranet, mobile devices and the server network that exposes your company to risk, regardless of its size. A Business Continuity Plan from TeamLogic IT includes data back-up and recovery procedures – an essential aspect of operating a healthy business. We work with you to back-up your system locally and/or remotely depending on the size, complexity and needs of your business. From stress-free administration of your data backups to enterprise-grade security encryption and everything in-between, taking steps to protect your data is the goal of our business continuity planning services.

Manage market changes in stride

New regulations. Mergers and acquisitions. Growth spurts.

Businesses evolve over time for a myriad of reasons, and their Business Continuity Plan can too. TeamLogic IT helps you manage change, enabling your company to be nimble and responsive. Whether you’re a financial services firm needing new workflow procedures to address compliance, a healthcare company struggling with new regulations, or a real estate brokerage requiring a transition plan to absorb an acquisition, our team will help your business stay on track. Call TeamLogic IT today and get your Business Continuity Plan in the works.